Download Mega888 iPhone Could Be a Huge Headache

Yea, it’s easy to play Mega888. But it could be challenging to download Mega888 iPhone.

How to download Mega888 iPhone has been a hot topic in 2022. Why everyone keeps talking about it?

Well, Mega888 is undoubtedly the most popular mobile slot game in Malaysia. It’s a household brand.

Therefore, having a little issue in downloading its slot games would definitely be a hot topic in the market.

Nevertheless, why is it so difficult to download Mega888 on iPhone?

This could be attributed to the high level of mobile security designed by Apple Inc. – the manufacturer of iPhone.

Therefore, Mega888 headquarter has been trying very hard to get its app listed in Apps store. However, it keeps being banned.

How to Download Mega888 iPhone in 2022?

Does it mean that iPhone users are not able to play Mega888? Absolutely no!

It just requires a little tricks before you can download its iOS version. Lincoln Tsai would tell you how:

First of all, visit, scroll a little bit down until you see the “DOWNLOAD MEGA888” button as per screenshot below. Click the button.

Click DOWNLOAD MEGA888 in Mega888 Wiki

After clicking the button, you will be redirected to the Mega888 iPhone download site. Click “iOS 64Bit – 14.02.2022”.

Click iOS 64bit to Download Mega888

After that, a message would pop up asking you to copy a url link and open in Safari. Just click “Copy” and paste it in your Safari and launch the site.

Copy link and open in Safari copy

Next step, a message will pop up asking if you want to download a configuration profile. Just click “Allow”.

This website is trying to download a configuration profile. Do you want to allow this_

Click “Close” in order to view the downloaded profile in setting.

Click Close

Go to setting in iPhone and click “Profile Downloaded”.

Click Profile Downloaded

Click “Install” on top right.

Click install

Enter your iPhone passcode to unlock screen.

Enter your passcode to unlock screen

Click “Install” again.

Click install again

Now you can see the game is preparing to download.

Preparing to Download

Click “Open” when it asks if you want to open in “iTunes”.

Next step which is also the final step, click “Install” again.

_rgjwhcqe.com_ would like to install _Mega888_

Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded Mega888 on your iPhone! You may now launch the game application by clicking Mega888 game icon on your home screen!

Mega888 Game Icon on iPhone Homescreen 2022

Things You Shouldn’t Do When Downloading Mega888 iPhone Version

You’ve just learned how to download Mega888 on iPhone for 2022 version. I’m gonna share with you now some of the things you shouldn’t do when downloading the game.

Why is it so important? Some people might be troubled with technical errors just because they’ve done something that they shouldn’t do.

You shouldn’t download Mega888 iPhone version using Android phone

Well, this might seem to be a no-brainer but hell lot of people do this out of no reason. They just simply can’t understand the difference between iPhone and Android smartphones.

What happen is you wouldn’t get the game application downloaded as Mega888 iPhone version is not compatible with Android operating system!

You shouldn’t download Mega888 Android version using iPhone

In comparison, Android version is of course a lot easier to download compared to iPhone version, due to the fact that Android operating system is not as strict as Apple operating system.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that you can simply use iPhone to download for Android version!

Mobile applications for both Apple and Android operating system work differently. It’s like 2 species from 2 different planets. You just can’t put it together!

Keep doing such silly thing might also cause your smartphone to crash!

Do Not Download When You’re Not Connected to WIFI

Try not to download Mega888 using mobile data as it might get stuck in the middle during the progress. Any interruption during the downloading progress might cause more technical errors to your phone.

Do Not Download During Bad Weather

Save for the above, bad weather might bring interruption to your WIFI connection as well. Any breakdown in your WIFI connection would cause the download progress to halt.

Do Not Download from Fake Download Sites

Most of the download sites you’ve seen on Google are fake download sites that are not authentic. Chances are you might have downloaded a fake Mega888 game application that would keep you losing money all the time.

This is why I always warn people about downloading Mega888 from such fake download sites. You might think you’re playing Mega888 but actually you’re not.

How do you prevent yourself from downloading from a fake Mega888 site? There are few tricks:

  • do not download from unknown website at all time
  • only download from sites reviewed by Mega888 experts, one of them is Lincoln Tsai
  • only download from sites provided by your trusted Mega888 casino agents
  • always take note of the first download site you’ve used in the past. stick to the one and only download site.
  • only download from secured download site with SSL certificate to avoid any malicious attack

What Would Possibly Happen If You Download Mega888 from a Fake Download Site?

Well, the last thing you ever want it to happen is downloading from a fake download site.

What could possibly happen? That’s a good question.

The most common thing that might happen to you is that you might keep losing money in Mega888 all the time. You probably don’t know why and think it could be just bad luck. In fact, it’s not.

It could be due to the fact that you’re playing in a fake Mega888 version!

There are a lot of fake Mega888 game version out there, such as Mega888 2022, Mega888 Plus, Mega888 Kaya, Mega888 2.0, Mega888 3.0, Mega88, etc. all of which are counterfeit game products.

Why are they making these counterfeit slot game products? The reason is simple.

These unethical game developers design these games at extremely cheap cost with extraordinary low winning rate in order to cheat your money.

They do not really care about brand name. They just want to rob you instead!

This is why we always emphasise the importance to download from original or reviewed download sites!

In addition, some of the fake game applications might harm your handphone!

Some of them might contain unknown trojan virus that will attack the operating system of your phone completely beyond expectation.

They might also steal private information from your phone such as important login credentials, credit card information, photos, notes, contacts, and so on.

That could be the beginning of a fraud case once they got your important information.

Some unknown game applications could even damage your phone.

This is why some people wonder how their phones suddenly break down after downloading “Mega888” iPhone version.

Apparently, you’ve already downloaded a fake game application!

Is Mega888 iOS Available in 2023?

Unfortunately, Mega888 iOS is very often not available in 2023.

Much of the time we’re not able to download it on iPhone, not to mention the fact that I’ve long been a VVIP customer of Mega888.

The reason of its unavailability is mainly due to the strict control imposed by Apple for not having real cash online gambling apps in the device.

Will we be able to download Mega888 iOS again?

To be honest, it’s really really hard to predict.

I would say Apple is always serious their policy.

Nonetheless, there is always a solution to almost all IT issues given rapid development in IT techonology.