Online Casino Malaysia – One of the Most Popular Entertainments

Online casino Malaysia has been in the market for a long time.

At the beginning, there was no such thing. Malaysian usually bet at illegal gambling dens.

At illegal gambling dens (or commonly recognised as kedai mesin), players usually deposit funds and withdraw winning on the spot.

Well, I would say it was really fun and exciting to bet at a physical casino like that. The only downside is the risk of being caught.

Illegal gambling dens were often raided by the local law enforcement officers.

In order to curb the risk of being caught, illegal gambling operators then slowly transformed into online-based to make everything much easier.

How do they operate?

What they need is a licensed online gambling website to run the business. Of course, it’s not licensed by the government, but the Malaysia Online Casino Association (MOCA).

MOCA is a local governmental body founded by a team of experienced experts from online casino industry to uphold the industry standard.

All committees are selected carefully in order to protect the interests and benefits of all online casino players in Malaysia.

Therefore, it’s safe to play with any online gambling website licensed by MOCA.

However, there are about 90% of the website out there which are not approved by MOCA.

This is why you may have heard of cases of which players do not get their winning money from online casino operators.

Notwithstanding the above, online casino Malaysia has gradually become one of the most popular entertainments locally.

Active Player of Online Casino Malaysia (2012-2022)

Active Player of Online Casino Malaysia (2012-2022)

As you can see from the diagram above, the no. of active player of online casino Malaysia has grown more than 10 folds in the past 10 years.

There was a strong growth in the year of 2020 largely due to the global pandemic driven by Covid19.

Many new players started to play online casino games during the lockdown period.

Given the endless excitements offered by online casino games, players get to relax themselves and release stress.

As of today, there is circa 17million active players in a year.

How can you not be one of them?

How to Play Online Casino Games?

How to Play Online Casino Games?

How to Play Online Casino Games?

First of all, you gotta choose one of the most trusted online gambling website to start with.

There are few criteria that need to be met to become a trusted online gambling site:

  • licensed by MOCA
  • always compensate players even if they win super big
  • fast deposit and quick withdrawal
  • high winning payout ratio
  • offers only quality online casino games with industry standard
  • fair gaming policy
  • with great reputation

As a professional Mega888 expert in the market for such a long time, I’ve found one and the only online gambling site that meet all the above requirements – Zeus77®.

It’s by far the most trusted online casino operator that I’ve dealt with.

I’ve won away at least MYR5million from this company. And it never misses any payment.

Once you’ve got yourself a trusted online gambling website, then you gotta start learning casino games.

Hundreds of Different Online Casino Malaysia Games

There are just too many online casino games you can play.

It’s quite impossible to learn it all up. At least not for you. Unless you’re a professional online gambling expert like me.

Nonetheless, what I’m gonna share with you is some of the general type of online casino games.

First is of course the most traditional type – live table casino games.

Live Table Casino Games - Mega888 Wiki

Live Table Casino Games – Mega888 Wiki

Games like Baccarat, Sicbo, Dragon Tiger, Roulette, Blackjack, etc. are all live table casino games.

There are usually sexy card dealers performing live table casino games through live streamed video.

This is also usually one of the most exciting casino games that people play.

However, given the rising technology in terms of digital presentation, more and more people have switched to play online slot games.

Online Slot Games - Mega888 Wiki

Online Slot Games – Mega888 Wiki

There are many slot game brands in the world that offers fantastic digital graphics to attract players.

Yes, it’s a whole new level of entertainment.

One thing good about online slot games is that you may possibly strike millions of progressive jackpots with a single bet of as low as MYR0.01 per spin.

This is certainly the beauty of it.

Besides, Malaysians also like to play sport betting games.

Sport Betting - Mega888 Wiki

Sport Betting – Mega888 Wiki

You can bet on your favourite sport teams, from Manchester United in English Premier League (EPL) to L.A. Lakers in National Basketball Association (NBA).

Sport betting is also one of the largest online betting category in Malaysia.

How about racing? Cock fighting? Muay Thai? Or even e-Sport?

Yes! You can find almost all kinds of online casino games in Malaysia!

Malaysia has long been regarded as one of the most advanced online casino industry internationally.

So, learn how to pick your favourite online casino games before you start playing.

Learn more before you play. It can help to increase your chances to win!

What Product Should I Pick to Play?

People normally get confused to pick the right product to play.

Right, they just want to win from the game. Picking the right product to play is really important.

Mega888 is currently the No.1 online gambling product in Malaysia.

Mega888 Online Casino Malaysia

Mega888 Online Casino Malaysia

It’s mentioned by me on the homepage that there were about 4,199,382 active players in Mega888 as of May 2022.

That was indeed a huge number!

Well, here comes the question. Should I follow the crowd?

I would say as a beginner you should

There is a reason why people love Mega888 so much. Don’t you think so?

First of all, it’s easy to play. It’s like no-brainer kind of thing.

Secondly, it offers one of the highest winning payout amongst all other slot game brands.

In a nutshell, it’s really easy to win from Mega888.

I can’t find a reason why we don’t play a game that is easy to learn and also to win.

As a long-time professional Mega888 guru in Malaysia, I’m extremely familiar with the game.

I’ve tried playing every single slot games in it.

It was really fun, exciting, and also full of surprises!

I never get bored of it.

Not to mention the fact that I’ve made tons of millions ringgit from Mega888.

What are you waiting for?

There are also other games you should play other than Mega888 since it might not work for all the players.

918Kiss might be the next game you wanna try out.

As a matter of fact, it is the successor of the famous SCR888 which was temporarily terminated for a short period of time due to action taken by the local authority.

Today, SCR888 still exists. But only a few people are interested in playing the game.

Most of the players prefer to play 918Kiss or Mega888.

Having inherited all the strength from SCR888, 918Kiss is even better performing given some of the add-on feature that you could never find in SCR888.

Game speed is one of the strongest part of 918Kiss. You would never experience interruption in game.

You could always finish your free bonus spin whenever you’re in the game.