Mega888 APK June 2022 Published!

Mega888 APK June 2022 Published

Mega888 APK June 2022 Published

Mega888 APK latest version is released? What an exciting news!

I believe just like many of you, we have been waiting for this moment for thousand years.

The last update was around the mid of 2021, which is about one year ago.

Prior to this, there were a lot of speculation about what will be updated in the latest version.

Before we dive into greater details, let us look at some of the previous APK version of Mega888 for a little bit of background study.

Mega888 Launched Its First Ever APK in 2019

Mega888 Launched Its First Ever APK in 2019

Mega888 Launched Its First Ever APK in 2019

That’s right, this is the original Mega888 APK 1.0 version.

Being the first and the earliest APK version, of course, there are a lot of improvements needed to fix its bugs.

Nonetheless, we can clearly see the original concept of Mega888 in its first version:

  • It’s apparently highly similar to 918Kiss, as well as SCR888. Many speculate that it’s actually designed by the same team of game developers
  • Game design and database infrastructure has been largely improved as compared to 918Kiss and SCR888
  • Graphic design is a lot more advanced
  • There is a lot of room for Mega888 to grow thanks to its flexible coding structure

Even better than 918Kiss and SCR888, Mega888 is highly favoured by the online casino players in Malaysia.

Mega888 APK 1.0 has made its great reputation since then. Smooth, easy to use, and stable.

Introducing the Mega888 APK 2.0

Introducing the Mega888 APK 2.0

Introducing the Mega888 APK 2.0

Despite the competitive slot game structure Mega888, it was facing with fierce competition from new peers, namely XE88 and PUSSY888.

This is why Mega888 felt there was a need to upgrade its APK to the next level. Here comes the APK 2.0 version.

Most of the people couldn’t even tell the differences between 1.0 and 2.0. They just felt like, well, there are many new slot games added.

In fact, the developer team of Mega888 has done a lot for the 2.0 version:

  • Game speed has been improved by circa 30%
  • Loading speed has been enhanced by approximately 23.5%
  • Winning payout has been lifted by 33.4% to attract more online casino players
  • There were about 48 new slot games added to the game lobby.

All of the above has been done to maintain its competitive edge against XE88 and PUSSY888.

This is why players are winning more from Mega888 thanks to the increment in its winning payout.

The APK 2.0 has also helped Mega888 to be awarded with the Best Mobile Slot Game Malaysia in 2020.

It Has Fallen…

By then, Mega888 has already occupied approximately 70% of the local online casino market share.

It seems too big to fall, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, XE88 and PUSSY888 has slowly taken over the market share of Mega888.

As of April 2021, Mega888 has a total number of active player of 1,233,342 only, which translate into 34% of the local online casino market share.

This is why Mega888 had realised the need for it to come out with an even better APK version – APK 3.0!

In June 2021, Mega888 headquarter announced the official launch of Mega888 APK 3.0.

It was a huge shock to the Malaysian online casino market since no once has anticipated the arrival of the latest APK game version.

As a matter of fact, what APK 4.0 had offered was significantly beyond the market expectation.

Most players were really amazed by the newest game feature as well as upgraded game design.

Mega888 was once again the most played mobile slot game in Malaysia.

What Can We Expect in APK 4.0?

What Can We Expect in APK 4.0?

What Can We Expect in APK 4.0?

Many have been speculating the APK 4.0 before it’s even launched.

This is considered the largest event in the space of local online casino market.

As one of the top Mega888 guru in Malaysia, of course, I’ve been asked a lot about it.

Here are some of my speculations:

  • Definitely a faster game speed by at least 40%. This is in line with the current demand for speed given 5G or even 6G technology.
  • Live table casino game might be added to its game list. This is to compete against Playtech, which is in turn the largest online casino game provider in the world.
  • Higher resolution in terms of game graphic design.
  • Higher winning payout in some of the existing slot games. Wanna find out which slot games? Stay tuned to our blog posts.

Sounds exciting isn’t it? This is considered the biggest revamp that Mega888 has ever had since its incorporation.

As such, we believe Mega888 will continue lead the way as the No.1 mobile slot game in Malaysia.

Why Should We Play Mega888 APK?

I’ve received a lot of queries about the reason for playing Mega888 APK. Why should we?

Firstly, it’s a lot easier to download as compared to download Mega888 iPhone game version.

All you need to do is to get APK file from Mega888 official download site without the need to do some trust setting on your phone.

Secondly, you may enjoy more mobile slot games under APK version.

Thirdly, APK version usually experiences a lot lesser game maintenance compared to iOS version.

Last but not least, we heard that higher winning payout is offered in APK version. You do want to win more, don’t you?

Despite the above, it doesn’t mean iOS version is inferior. In fact, it’s a lot safer in terms of cyber security given strong security firewall imposed by Apple.

Other than cyber security issue, we still strongly encourage our readers to play APK version.

How to Download APK Game Version?

There are many ways to download APK game version. One of the easiest way is to search for “Mega888 APK” in Google Play Store.

Nonetheless, it’s quite risky to do that given the fact that many fake versions have been designed to scam players.

What happen if you download one of the fake game versions?

Chances are, your smartphone might get hacked. This is why many Malaysians lost their bank balances in bank account recently.

Their phones have been hacked by these fake game version with trojan virus. This is why we always encourage players to only download from the authentic and trusted site.

Therefore, we would encourage you to download from the licensed Mega888 agent’s site. This would certainly protect you from unknown attack by hackers.

In addition, you would need to have an Android, Huawei, or Window smartphone before you can download APK game version.

Do not use iPhone to download APK game version as it’s not gonna work.

Mega888 APK Versus Mega888 iOS

This is what normally people discuss about: Mega888 APK and Mega888 iOS, which one is better?

Hmmm…..I would say there is no absolute winner in this argument.

No doubt, Mega888 APK does offer higher winning payout rate as we mentioned in the above section.

Nonetheless, better slot game experience as well as smoother loading speed is brought to you by Mega888 iOS.

Therefore, some VIP players usually go for Mega888 iOS as they normally aim for better gaming experience.

Meanwhile, Mega888 APK is more “hackable” as compared to the iOS version.

This is why many Malaysians always learn how to hack Mega888 in order to ensure constant winning position over the longer term.

Notwithstanding the above, the iOS version offers a lot more slot game varieties compared to the APK game version.

If you were to ask me, I would advise you to play both game version to enjoy different kind of excitements in different spaces.

No matter how, our ultimate goal is still to win big from the game isn’t it?

What is APK?

APK is a file format used by Android operating system for its users to download and install various applications on mobile devices.

The most common controversy is actually it security issue.

Many would say that it’s pretty much unsafe to download APK files given its weaker security firewall compared to iOS.

This is one of the reasons why many tech-savvy users would not comfortably use Android phones with APK files.

Recently, there are many Malaysians lose their money in bank account all of sudden.

This is closely related to the weak security of APK files used by Android operating system.

They do not have a stringent listing policy as imposed by Apple in app store.

Scammers usually can’t list their hacking application easily in Apple’s app store. Nonetheless, they are allowed to do so in Google’s play store.

This largely explains the phenomena why victims of scam are usually Android smartphone users.

As such, you should be extra careful if you are using Android phone to download Mega888 APK.

Some of the hackers would implant invasive virus in the APK file to hack your smartphone and steal your private information.

This could possibly lead to potential theft of information of your credit card, or even your personal banking information, i.e. login id and password.