Celebration of Wealth – A Slot Game That You Would Never Forget

Celebration of Wealth is considered quite a popular slot game given the fact that it’s on the first page of MEGA888’s game menu.

It’s hard not to notice this game given its position.

Nevertheless, I would say you must try playing this game yourself. It’s gonna be unforgettable.

Some might respond “Come on don’t be silly it’s just another ordinary slot game!”.

Well, you could be very surprised with what it could offer you.

Advantageous Position Telling Us How Important the Game is

Do you know why MEGA888 places Celebration of Wealth on the first page of its game lobby?

Many people do not know about this. Me neither, until one of my last meetings with the original founder of MEGA888 – Dato Seri Michael Tan.

In nutshell, there are 2 types of slot games in MEGA888, namely winning slot games and losing slot games.

Losing slot games are designed to win over players with lower winning rate. Meanwhile, winning slot games are specially designed to benefit all players by offering a much higher winning rate.


In fact, MEGA888 purposely places the game at the easiest clickable position – center of the first page.

As a result, most players would be easily entering to play this game once they logon to MEGA888.

With extraordinarily higher winning rate, players could easily win money from the game and stay longer with MEGA888!

Is this considered a loophole?


Of course, MEGA888 is not that stupid letting you win all the way to the end. Only professional players with high intelligence could break the code.

Having said that, playing Celebration of Wealth could be a great entry point for beginners to start with.

They could easily accumulate some betting capital from the game and then move on to the next.

I would share with you more details about the game in the section below.

25 Possible Winning Combination in Celebration of Wealth

Next, I’m gonna share with you all of the winning combination in Celebration of Wealth.

Yeah, most people play slot games without really understanding it from head to toe. This is usually a common mistake.

You can’t deploy an effective betting strategy if you don’t even fully understand how the games work! Let’s take a look at the graph below:

Mega888 - Celebration of Wealth Winning Combination

Celebration of Wealth is a 15-line mobile slot game with 25 possible winning combination. In order to win from the game, you better study all the 25 winning combination beforehand.

Usually what I do is to take down all the betting result on a notebook and try to discover a repetitive pattern from the betting results.

Don’t think that’s silly because sometimes you could really discover something from it! There will be times where MEGA888 would like to reward its customers therefore repeating some of the betting results in the hope that players could make money out of it.

Unfortunately, we can’t easily discover any pattern most of the time given the fact that the game works under Random Number Generator (RNG) algorithms.

Meaning to say that, even the game publisher itself wouldn’t know what’s gonna be the next betting result! Everything is carried out on a fair basis.

This is when Monte Carlo simulation comes into play.

Monte Carlo simulation is an advanced mathematical technique allowing people to reach to a business decision considering all the risk factors. There is a lot of software available for Monte Carlo simulation out there.

Having recognised the importance of this mathematical technique, I had in 2018 hired a team of mathematicians and software engineers to code for my own Monte Carlo simulation software.

I would then populate all the recorded betting results into my software and let it run for millions scenarios.

At the end of the day, my simulation result would show which is the best betting pattern to be made in Celebration of Wealth. This would largely increase my chances to win!

The key here is to use computer to beat computer (since MEGA888 is also a computer application backed by countless algorithms).

Don’t you agree?

Wild Symbol Can Be An Useful Tool To Win Big

Many still think wild symbol is merely a result of luck. You’re gonna be so fxxking wrong if you continue to think so.

Let me tell you, wild symbol can be a product of detailed planning and precise execution.

Before diving into deeper level, let us ask ourself first, what the hell is wild symbol?

Wild symbol is a symbol that could be used to replace any other symbol in Celebration of Wealth.

It’s just like the Joker wild card in poker card. It can basically turn into anything if you want.

Therefore, it’s pretty challenging to earn this symbol. But it doesn’t mean impossible. How to get it?

First of all, you gotta increase your bet amount to a range between RM50-RM100 per spin. Next, stop using “auto spin” and manually press the spin button only once every 2 minutes.

It sounds a bit weird isn’t it? But that’s the most effective way to earn wild symbol!

My highest record is a whopping 355 wild symbols within a betting session!

The only drawback of wild symbol is the fact that it can’t be used for free spin. Well, that’s fair enough. I can’t imagine how much money we could win if wild symbol could be replaceable for free spin ?

I’ve also sorted out a table for all my fans to take a detailed look at the winning payout for wild symbols:

Mega888 - Celebration fo Wealth Wild Symbol

In order to double your winnings, one of the fastest ways is to collect as much wild symbols as you can:

  • 5 boys+girls = 2000x
  • 5 lanterns = 1000x
  • 4 lanterns = 250x
  • 3 lanterns = 70x
  • 5 firecrackers = 500x
  • 4 firecrackers = 100x
  • 3 firecrackers = 40x

I’m pretty sure that you can now see how important wild symbol is. Imagine how much money you can win if you’re able to gain 355 wild symbols just like what I did in a betting session.

Winning Payout Table for Other Game Symbols

Of course, wild symbol is not the only way you can make money from the game. There is still a lot of ways you may make winnings from the game. Now let’s take a look at the winning payout table that I privately requested from Mega888 headquarter:

Mega888 - Celebration of Wealth Other Symbols WInning Payout

A summary of the above winning payout table is as per below:

  • 5 A = 200x
  • 4 A = 25x
  • 3 A = 15x
  • 5 copper plate = 250x
  • 4 copper plate = 50x
  • 3 copper plate = 20x
  • 5 cymbal = 300x
  • 4 cymbal = 75x
  • 3 cymbal = 30x
  • 5 J = 100x
  • 4 J = 10x
  • 3 J = 5x
  • 5 Q = 125x
  • 4 Q = 15x
  • 3 Q = 5x
  • 5 K = 150x
  • 4 K = 20x
  • 3 K = 10x

Wow! I would say there is hell a lot of ways to win from this game!

Just wanna to be honest with you guys, these normal game symbols could only compensate us for some of the money we lose in other spins. It can’t make us rich. I’m pretty sure that most of you know about this.

If you keep getting these normal game symbols, you will realise that your betting capital will be gradually decreasing over time.

The secret to get rich lies in free spins and bonus games!

I know many of you can’t wait to find out more about that already. Without further ado, let us now go straight into the concept of free spins and bonus games.

Attractive Free Spin Games That Increase Your Chance to Win!

What are free spin games?

Free spin games are still considered as effective spin in the slot game, just that you do not have to pay a penny to spin the reel.

Mega888 - Celebration fo Wealth Free Spin Game

As you can see from the table above, the key here is to get as much temple symbols as possible:

  • 5 temple = 15 free games
  • 4 temple = 10 free games
  • 3 temple = 7 free games

Do not underestimate the power of free spin games. You would never know how much you could make from it.

The reason being is that you could possibly get more free spin games from the free spin games! You know what I mean?

Say for example, if you strike 5 temple symbols after you’ve been granted with 7 free spin games, the total you would get is 22 free spin games.

Can you imagine how much your chances to win has been lifted up? There was a time I managed to strike 98 free spin games one shot! I won a total of RM344K from the free game session.

Of course, I was betting big. That’s also the reason why I could be granted with so many free spin games.

One of the luckiest things that could ever happen on you is to strike free bonus games during free spin games.

Let’s see what free bonus games are about in the next section.

Coin Bonus, Dragon Bonus, and Wealth Bonus in Celebration of Wealth

Mega888 - Coin Bonus, Wealth Bonus and Dragon Bonus

Free bonus games are undoubtedly one of the most possible ways to make you rich by playing Mega888!

There are basically 3 types of free bonus games in Celebration of Wealth, namely Coin Bonus, Dragon Bonus, and Wealth Bonus.

It might look different to you, but its game features might tell the other way round. All of them are actually working on the same logic: you gotta choose wisely!

During free bonus games, you are usually given with multiple options together with limited chances to guess and open.

There is usually Major Jackpot, Minor Jackpot, and also many of consolation prizes hidden in the options.

You can possibly win up to millions ringgit if you strike the ultimate Major Jackpot!

Here’re few tips how you could pick your option wisely:

  • Make sure you’re thinking clear as crystal when choosing option
  • Do not make rush decision. Take your time to think slowly
  • Do not listen to other’s suggestion. Follow your heart.

Do not be disappointed if you fail to strike the Major Jackpot. There is always next chance.

More importantly, you gotta figure out how to increase your chances to get free bonus games throughout the betting session as I taught in this blog post.

The more free bonus games you gain, the higher are your chances to strike Jackpot!

Secret Online Betting Tactics Revealed!

I first came across this game around January of 2021, that was my first time playing Celebration of Wealth, which was also the day right after meeting Dato Seri Michael Tan.

Frankly, I didn’t win a lot of money from this game at the beginning. My betting result was rather terrible. I lost about RM30K on this game within a single day.

However, I never give it up.

After weeks of detailed study, I finally found the secret to beat this game!

You can’t win from this game with small bet amount as well as little betting capital.

I was deploying Monte Carlo simulation to reach this conclusion. Based on my calculation, the easiest way you could win from Celebration of Wealth is with a single bet amount of RM10K, total betting capital of RM500K.

It seems like a huge amount to most of the amateur players. Nevertheless, this is the only way you could constantly win from this game!

I’ve also embedded a tutorial video here to show you how I bet RM10K per spin to beat the game:


Of course, I couldn’t show you the entire process how I actually win from the game as it’s gonna be too lengthy. Trust me, you wont’ want that.

What I can tell you is that I won RM1mil (with a starting capital of RM500K) by deploying the above betting tactics! And it was just within few hours’ time!

I can’t make you understand how amazing it is as there is no way to describe it unless you try it yourself.

I’ve been playing Celebration of Wealth with the same betting tactics since then. It has made me filthy rich (being listed on the top 10 underground billionaires in Malaysia).

Can you become the next Lincoln Tsai?


Few years back, I’ve made up my mind that I want to educate as much online casino players in Malaysia as I can. I want everyone to win.

This is why I insist to set up this site. I wanna help people.

As such, we should focus on the main goal: how do we win from Celebration of Wealth?

Below are the steps I’ve sorted out to constantly win from Celebration of Wealth on a long-term basis:

  1. Fully understand the game inside out, including winning combination, wild symbol, winning payout table, free spin game as well as free bonus game.
  2. Stipulate an effective betting strategy to fully utilise your betting capital in the game. Follow rationale, do not follow your heart.
  3. If you’re a wealthier person with sufficient betting capital, do follow my betting tactics. Bet RM10K per spin with a total betting capital of RM500K.

Good luck to you!